I'm a "big" girl. I love big. I cry big. Shoot, if you play Beyonce over a loud speaker, I'll dance so big I might break a hip. I love this about myself. Being a passionate human has led me to do and experience a lifetime of adventures in my short twenty-three years. And it's my insatiable appetite for life and emotional connection to the human experience that has led me to the fascinating world of visual storytelling. 
I've been a visual learner for as long as I can remember. Since childhood, light, color and shapes have always stimulated my mind and senses in a way that I could never harness for myself until I picked up a camera my sophomore year of college. That year, with a newfound obsession with photography, a thrifted Canon T2i and a natural hunger to learn about everything happening around me, I finessed my way into a position as Staff Photographer at Stephen F. Austin State University's student newspaper, The Pine Log. With zero knowledge of photojournalism prior to applying, my beginnings were incredibly humble. However, during my three years on staff, I learned to capture artful journalistic images while developing an ever-increasing love for visual communication.
Fast forward a couple of years and hundreds of thousands of photos later, I've found myself working as Photo Editor and Staff Photographer at The Lufkin Daily News in Lufkin, Texas. My big heart swells with pride when I think on the opportunities I've been granted and people I have had the privilege of photographing over the last two years. It's truly an honor to capture and share the beauty, culture and vibrant traditions of Deep East Texans and the Pineywoods. 
I lucked out big time. ​​​​​​​
In print, online and on air:
Photo by Amber Michele Photography
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