I'm a passionate multi-hyphenate creative with an insatiable appetite for life and the human experience. My curiosity has led me to the boundless world of visual storytelling time and time again through photojournalism, multimedia production, graphic design, marketing and even movement by way of dance. All mediums I've intentionally nurtured and polished with lots of practice, googling and late night youtube bingeing over the years.

I lead with empathy, individualization, connectedness, adaptability and intellection as my greatest strengths. My breadth of experience as an artist and a person have granted me a compassionate human-first perspective and team-centric attitude that,
I believe, leaves every group/job/organization I'm a part of better than I found it, in more ways than one. 

My goal is to do good work and be a helpful person while I'm at it. 

Hope to connect and make some magic with you soon!
In print, online and on air:
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