Partnership Branding
"Tourism Touches Everything."

When I was brought onto the team in March of 2020, I was given the logo for this subset of branding and tasked to build out information sheets with all the ways the Arlington CVB can help market and connect their B2B partners.

I started with this color-way and built out a font hierarchy that combines the professional look and feel of the ACVB's main umbrella B2B branding and the "World of Wonderful" branding utilized for B2C marketing, as the partnership program acts as a bridge between the two markets.

In 2022, I combined all the information sheets together into one cohesive 36+ page booklet. The Director of Partnership uses the booklet to showcase the 20+ marketing programs the ACVB offers its partners, including marketing photo packages of images I take of local businesses in town.

Since the booklet has been in place, partnership sign ups continue to rise and exceed quarterly goals!

The Arlington CVB Partnership Program Booklet is a 36+ page booklet showcasing the 20+ B2B marketing programs the bureau offers. The booklet operates as a tool used by the Director of Partnership during meetings with local businesses and at monthly Arlington Marketing Partner meetings to promote the city's large and small attractions, businesses and hotels to Arlington visitors.

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